The challenge of global energy transition is to replace fossil energy supply with renewable energy sources. As the global energy demand is increasing rapidly, it is crucial not only to build up significant capacities of wind, solar and other renewable energies, but at the same time also to maximise energy efficiency wherever it is economically viable.

Today, a lot of energy is still wasted in many industrial and private processes and operations. Especially where heat is emitted as a waste product a significant amount of the invested energy gets lost. O-Flexx Technologies seeks to exploit that enormous amount of waste heat and turn it into reusable electricity.


O-Flexx Technologies’ mission is to make a decisive contribution to the generation of renewable energy and to achieve market leadership by developing and producing best-in-class thermoelectric generators for industrial a private applications.


It is O-Flexx Technologies‘ objective to become the leading vendor in the field of

  • low temperature applications (temperatures between 50°C and 200° C) and
  • middle and high temperature applications (temperatures between 200°C and 400°C and between 400°C and 1,200°C) and
  • middle and large scale cooling applications.