About O-Flexx

O-Flexx Technologies is a German technology company that specialises in the field of thermoelectric generators. Our R&D centre and production facilities for both our low temperature and high temperature modules are based in Duisburg.

The O-Flexx technology allows our clients to harvest electrical energy from a great number of heat sources by exploiting differences in temperature. This technology is based on the Seebeck effect, one of three effects from the family of thermoelectric phenomena. The Peltier effect, which describes heat fluxes due to an electric current, is commonly better known.

O-Flexx Technologies owns a broad portfolio of related patents. We have an in-depth understanding of process technology and are proud to work in a close-knit network of R&D partners that includes highly renowned institutes, universities and industry labs in various European countries.

Mahle takeover O-Flexx

The MAHLE Group is expanding its expertise in the field of thermoelectrics by taking over the start-up company O-Flexx Technologies GmbH based in Duisburg/Germany. It has been agreed that the purchase price will not be disclosed.

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O-Flexx receive the seal of quality of the Stifterverband

We are happy, that we received the seal of quality of the Stifterverband ( Innovative through research!

Promoting education, science and innovation

Since 1920, Stifterverband has embodied the joint responsibility of German companies for a society that is viable for the future while also being conducive with a high quality of life. Some 3,000 members – DAX companies, mid-size companies, company associations, donors and active private individuals – have joined forces in Stifterverband. These form the core of a network of business, science, politics and civil society – the only one of its kind in Germany.


IAIR Award 2015

Hong Kong, 10th March 2015 - O-Flexx assigned with the IAIR Award 2015 as "Best Company for Innovation & Sustainability - Energy – Germany". O-Flexx received the Award second time in a row. Thanks to the commitment of O-Flexx in seeking to exploit the amount of waste heat and turn it into reusable electricity.

O-Flexx Technologies in 2014 once more on the Global Cleantech 100 list

Duisburg, June 12th 17th October 2014 – Again on the Global Cleantech 100 list! Once more a large group of Cleantech experts could be convinced about O-Flexx’ technological approach and products.